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VACUUM-PRESSURE METHOD Vacuum forming consists in arranging the reinforcement in the mold and manually soaking it with a mixture of resin and hardener, covering with a rubber bag or elastic foil, which is sealed at the edges using strips stuck to the mold, and connected through the stub pipe to the vacuum pump. In addition, […]

The Infusion Method

The infusion method consists in arranging a dry reinforcement to the mold with a previously applied gel coat, laying the delamination fabric and the mesh and installation distributing the resin, the vacuum collecting plant, closing the mold with a vacuum bag. After checking the tightness of the bag to the points of incorporation of the […]


SPRAYING METHOD In this method the spray device consisting of the gun and the aggregate with the resin containers with a hardener and fiber, and the air compressor are used. This forming consists in simultaneous feeding resin and hardener to the muzzle of the gun and cut into staple fibres of 3 – 5 cm. […]


RTM METHOD (Eng. Resin Transfer Molding), also called embossed shaping, consists in pressing the liquid mixture and hardener into the space between the tightly closed two rigid parts of the mold in which the reinforcement is located, usually in the form of a mat or fabric, as shown in Figure 2.27 a. The pressed mixture […]